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35: Power Politics

William reviewed the news and then discussed with his friend their differing opinions on power politics and what makes a liberal.

34: A River in Egypt

William discussed the importance of liberal values, the problem with the intelligence community in this impeachment process, and this week’s news.

33: Pride and Prejudice

William discussed what he means by liberal values and reviewed this week’s news.

32: Projects for Liberation

William discussed the Free State Project, free software and other efforts at liberation with Dan from the #fediverse. Then he reviewed this week’s news.

31: Government Issue

William discussed current events and the ongoing tech dystopia with his buddy Ames, and then reviewed this week’s news.

30: A Purpose Driven Strife

William reviewed this week’s news and then had a great first conversation with another local No Agenda fan about the situation we find ourselves in and what it’s like living with an outsider perspective.

29: All Caught Up

William covered the last two weeks of news.

28: Playing Catch Up

William tried to cover three weeks of news…

27: Is the Wolf Real This Time?

William hosted another conversation with a friend about impeachment and recent news.

26: Similar Goals But Let’s Be Realistic

William hosted a conversation with Sir Johnny the Swamp Knight about impeachment and the moment we’re in and righteous goals and realistic expectations.